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Helping you remember who you are and how good life can be with the power of your breath.

Hi, I’m Caiti. I feel big emotions, wear my heart on my sleeve and have a lot of love to give.

Somatic breathwork changed my life in 2021 when I realized talk therapy was only getting me so far.

My mind was learning all the things, but my body was still holding the weight of the world.

Somatic breathwork is a transformative personal development practice that empowers you to clear mental and emotional blockages.

This leads to enhanced clarity, wellness, peace and alignment in your overall wellness and life purpose.

Imagine if you had a healthy, creative expression for the stress in your life.


Somatic means “relating to the body,” which is how we came into this world.

- An overlooked step in the healing process is to connect our minds back into our

- It’s time to reconnect our soma (body) to our psyche (mind).

- God created our bodies with an innate intelligence to heal and regulate ourselves.

-Trauma isn’t the thing that happens to you; trauma is the response your body has inside 
you to the thing that happens to you.

-Somatic breathwork teaches your psyche to
work with your soma to regulate your nervous system so you can feel more, process better and live life more alive.

“Anything suppressed will eventually become depressed and densify/calcify into a physical disease of energy in your nervous system.

As humans, we were made to be vessels of expression.

Our beautiful human nature in its healthiest state was made to channel our stress into creative expressions.

Within that expression, we become the solution not only to our own struggles, but to our children’s futures.”

–Steven Jaggers, founder of SomatIQ Breathwork.

A wellness practice that allows you to process and release stored stress and emotion through the power of your breath by moving stuck/stored emotions/energy through your body to gain clarity, peace and emotional freedom in all areas of your life.

A personal development modality that provides you a
SAFE SPACE to release suppressed stress and trauma in your body so that you can think more clearly, have more peace in your day-to-day, and use the God-given gifts you came into this world with.


You were made to feel

Here is what’s included:

  • A 90 minute somatic breathwork journey guided by Caiti Jackson.

  • A 15 minute follow up call a week after your session to see how you are doing.

  • A post-session journaling prompt for you to download and help you integrate after your breathwork session.

When you clear, you become clear.

Get ready to:

  • Release what’s no longer serving you.

  • Reconnect with your God-given purpose.

  • Remember who you are.


Our Clients Say

rachael breathwork review image.jpeg
I had the opportunity to do a breath work session with Caiti over zoom and it was really beautiful. I had my reservations because I didn't understand or know much about it...but I do know Caiti, and I know her heart for people, her desire for others to experience growth and healing, and her ability to discern truth. The process was simple and she guided me how and when to breathe throughout. Through the breathing, I felt some God truths and began to tear up just through the breaths. It really calmed my mind and allowed truth to flow through. I would absolutely do this again with her in person or over zoom! Thank you Caiti for creating a space for me to experience calmness & be reminded that I am a new creation in Christ every day.

- Rachael Neva


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Caiti is a certified SBW™ practitioner.


(307) 660-1580



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